Companies also want to record their most revealing, outstanding moments, and share them with their customers, personnel or guests. A stylish report enables you to enjoy the opening of a new building, the launch of a new product or a customer event, over and over again.

Not only after the event, but even during the activity you can look at the photos, that have just been shot. They can be displayed in a sensational slide show.

The photo reportage can also be stored on a DVD. The DVD label will show the most striking photo of your event. The jewel case (in plexi or carton) will be decorated with yet another picture.

A record of this kind will certainly get a special place in the home or office of your customers or employees.

Photo shoots for magazines are a different kind of challenge. The image has to illustrate what the author wants to communicate to his audience; whether it concerns a landscape, a prepared meal, a car, a pool, or anything you can think about…